Cruise Critic Readers Respond to Carnival Jumper

March 21, 2007
Carnival Jumper Keeping Quiet About Ordeal
Glory Passenger Went Overboard After Argument
Carnival Glory Passenger Rescued After Going Overboard

Michael Mankamyer may be keeping his lips sealed about what happened the night he jumped off of his Carnival Glory balcony -- but Cruise Critic's readers sure aren't.

In our news coverage yesterday of the mystery surrounding the 60-ft. leap and ultimate rescue of the 35-year-old passenger, we asked you to share your comments, and share you did. Here are some of the more interesting e-mails we received:

Susan says, "As a passenger who was traveling with my family on the Glory when this incident happened, I am appalled that Mankamyer plans to profit from this ordeal (as per his 'negotiations' with 'Good Morning America' and 'Inside Edition') ... my children and I spent many sleepless hours that evening watching helplessly as the ship circled ... with powerful spotlights scanning the waters, several small watercraft dispatched, a helicopter, and even trained 'rescue' pigeons ... if Mankamyer collects even one penny for his 'story' I hope that every passenger who spent the night awake worried, who missed a planned activity the next day in Nassau, or who missed an early flight due to our late arrival in Cape Canaveral, stands in line. After saving for this once-in-a-lifetime family vacation for over a year, and counting the months, weeks and days until it arrived, we all deserve, at the very least, a HUGE apology."

"This is indeed a miracle," Becci writes. "I'm glad he will be OK. However, this man has serious problems that he needs to address. He sounds totally dysfunctional if the idea of his jumping overboard was indeed a reaction to the rebellious behavior of a teenager. Even being inebriated shouldn't have caused this kind of extreme reaction."

One reader quipped, simply, "Can you say 'alcohol rehab and anger management classes?'"

William writes, "To interview him on TV will only encourage others to try this stunt for the publicity. If he accidentally went overboard, which is highly unlikely, that would be one thing, but to pull off a dumb thing like this is plain stupid!"

Dale calls us out: "A slight correction in your latest report: 'icy Atlantic' ... from all accounts the ocean temperature was 72 degrees." Point taken, and thanks for the eagle eye! For those of you who are curious, though, know that even relatively warm water can lower your body temperature and cause hypothermia (as we saw in this case). Had the water been cooler, Mankamyer may have suffered even worse hypothermia.

Earla writes in, "If I was on a cruise and somebody [jumped overboard] and I lost part of my cruise time looking for them, I would be really ticked off ... I know somebody that was on a cruise and they thought two people were overboard; they lost five hours and one port stop. They found them drunk in a lifeboat. I really would have been mad. I realize you are there to have fun, but when it's at another's expense that's going overboard."

Pun intended? Another great mystery....

--by Melissa Baldwin, Senior Editor