Glory Passenger Went Overboard After Argument

March 19, 2007

Carnival Glory Passenger Rescued After Going Overboard

As soon as Carnival Glory pulled back into Port Canaveral yesterday, the stories began to fly: What really happened to cause 35-year-old Michael Mankamyer to jump overboard?

There have been increasingly bizarre reports about the incident, some claiming the man, who was ultimately rescued, was intoxicated at the time -- and others that he actually crashed through a cabin window before falling, though Carnival tells us nothing was broken. We do know, according to WESH 2 News in Florida, that Mankamyer went over his balcony following an argument with his 16-year-old godson Sal Wega.

Yesterday, disembarking passengers told WESH 2 their impressions of the situation. "When I opened up our door there was this kid being held down by three or four security guards and he was just yelling and cussing and stuff," passenger Karen Roberts said (security guards at one point believed the godson pushed Mankamyer overboard, Wega told WESH).

On Cruise Critic's Carnival forum, member phlydude has already started a thread about his trip -- entitled Glory Review - The cruise where the guy jumped overboard. phlydude writes, "The jumper dude was there with his godson and took him as a gift to the kid for his 16th birthday. Apparently, the kid wanted to go hang with girls and the jumper didn't want him to go. The jumper had been drinking all day and was agitated and fighting with the 16-year-old. I heard he jumped to evade security after the neighbors ratted him out.

"We had actually just laid down to get to sleep right before 1 a.m. when over the room speakers (never happens except during muster drill) we hear 'Attention all staff, bravo bravo port side.' My wife looks at me and I say, 'Man overboard!' She and I get dressed and run up to Lido. We are quickly joined by a ton of guests and crew. The stories were flying anywhere from him jumping, to being pushed, to evading security, to slipping and falling overboard. We heard that there were fights between a bunch of kids and an adult with a kid having a bloody face to the kid needing three security guards to hold him down. Crazy night!"

Mankamyer was found alive nearly eight hours after the fall by the U.S. Coast Guard; WESH reports that he suffered hypothermia and a collapsed lung, and is in good condition in a Miami hospital.

--by Melissa Baldwin, Senior Editor