Lock Up Your Travel Docs for Safe Keeping ... Online

March 16, 2007
Even the most organized cruiser can lose or misplace something: credit or debit card, passport, tickets, etc. And what would happen if your wallet or purse was stolen? Even if you've kept copies of all your important documents with a family member or a friend back home, that doesn't guarantee they will be waiting by the phone with your records in hand in time of a crisis.

Now, a new Web site -- keepyousafe.com -- is aiming to assist travelers. Here's how it works: Instead of making those pesky paper copies, keep it digital by uploading your important documents to your own virtual "safe deposit box." There's no expiration date on membership and piles of paper won't take up space in your home office. Best of all, the site is secure and easy to use -- and we tested it out just to make sure:

To get started, all you need is an e-mail address.

Once you've created a user name and password, choose which of three features you're interested in (in addition to the online safe deposit box, the site offers secure e-mail and file transfer capabilities).

After you select the safe deposit box option, you're given a box number. Remember: Do not give this number to anyone!

Your "box" works like a filing cabinet. You'll assign each folder a name and then store documents and details inside appropriate folders. For example, in a folder marked "passport," you can upload an image of your passport and a document containing your passport number and other important details.

So, let's say you've lost something on your cruise or an item was stolen. Use the Internet cafe onboard or in port to log on (just remember your user name and password) and you'll instantly have access to your documents: the credit card number that you need to cancel or your passport number in order to get back into the country.

Editor's note: A keepyousafe.com representative tells us that this service is available for free. Right now, the free safe deposit box can hold about 10 files. If you upgrade (for $4 a month), the safe deposit box will allow for approximately 500 additional files.

And a final tip: Since the site is secure, remember not to hit the "back" button unless otherwise noted. It will log you out and you may have to start all over again.

--by Erica Sapio, Assistant Editor