Bullets Found on Carnival's Celebration

March 2, 2007

After a week in which a Carnival Liberty passenger subdued a would-be robber in Limon, Costa Rica, with his bare hands, comes the news that a traveler on another Carnival ship -- Celebration, sailing out of Jacksonville -- found some stray bullets in the lobby area onboard.

According to Gene Sloan, USA Today's cruise blogger, two rounds of .22-caliber ammunition showed up on the ship as a cruise was preparing to debark. The cruise line notified the U.S. Coast Guard, which conducted an inspection. It was determined that an unidentified guest must have brought the bullets onboard that were not detected by security mechanisms (a gun in which to load them, presumably, would have been detected by luggage screeners).

A Carnival spokesman tells Cruise Critic that it is possible that scanners do not pick up bullets -- and was reassuring in response to our query about how many passengers forget they have bullets in their luggage, saying that "from time to time hunters will forget to unpack their ammunition when returning from another trip." This could explain, he continues, how something like this could happen.

After a brief delay in embarking new passengers, the ship sailed as schedule on its four-night cruise to the Bahamas.

--by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor