Princess Delays Regal in Acapulco

February 20, 2007
Panama Canal cruisers aboard Princess' Regal Princess are going nowhere fast. The 70,000-ton, 1,590-passenger ship, which was scheduled to depart from Acapulco yesterday for a 10-night transit, is stuck in the Mexican port due to technical difficulties.

According to USA Today, crewmembers discovered damage to a ballast tank, a compartment that holds water, prompting the line to postpone the vessel's departure while the situation is assessed. Divers inspected the hull under the ship last night, but the cause of damage is still unclear.

It is unknown at this time if and what repairs are needed -- and how this and future cruises will be affected. Passengers onboard are being kept informed and restaurants, bars and entertainment venues are up and running.

Princess expects to have updated information later today; we'll keep you posted.

--by Melissa Baldwin, Senior Editor