Suspicious Package Causes Second Port of Miami Terror Scare

January 8, 2007
(4:50 p.m.) -- Another day in Miami, another odd drama....

Just one day after a false alarm terror scare at the port involving three men and a cargo truck, a suspicious package that tested positive for plastic explosives turned up on a cruise ship pier. However, it turns out the parcel was not dangerous after all -- it contained sprinkler parts.

The 2-ft. by 3-ft. by 1-ft. package was discovered at approximately 2 p.m. during Royal Caribbean's routine screening of supplies and luggage; it was to be transferred onto Majesty of the Seas, and was contained inside a cargo pallet. According to MSNBC, the package tested positive for C-4 six times and was destroyed, even though trained dogs sent into the container were unable to discern the scent of the military-grade explosive. At approximately 3:30 p.m., the Miami-Dade County police bomb squad found it contained sprinkler parts.

According to the Associated Press, the bomb squad "determined the sprinkler parts contained a substance that 'closely resembles' plastic explosives." The sprinklers were intended to be installed onboard Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas during an upcoming refurbishment.

Passengers aboard the ship were asked by the captain to go below decks as a precaution, according to MSNBC. The U.S. Coast Guard requested that the ship move from its berth to another to continue embarkation, and further requested that all news helicopter traffic remain at three miles away from the Port of Miami.

Majesty of the Seas is cleared for embarkation and expected to set sail on schedule, approximately 5 p.m. People with family members boarding today are welcome to call a Royal Caribbean hotline for further information. That number is 888-829-4050.

--by Jana Jones, Contributor, and Melissa Baldwin, Senior Editor