Costa Orders Next New Ship

December 12, 2006
Costa, one of the fastest growing lines in cruisedom, has added yet another new ship to its list. To be built at Italy's Fincantieri, the as-yet-unnamed vessel will measure 92,700 tons and carry 2,260 passengers. Its greatest distinction at this point is that it will possess the line's highest ratio of private verandahs; 68 percent of all cabins will have balconies. The ship will be delivered in 2010.

Costa already has three ships on our Future Cruise Ship Orders chart. CostaSerena will be the first to launch; the 112,000-ton, 3,004-passenger ship is -- like its sister CostaConcordia that debuted this year -- the biggest in Costa history. It will premiere in spring 2007. Following suit is a new design, smaller than CostaSerena. Still not named, the 92,700-ton, 2,260-passenger ship will launch in spring 2009. At this point details are sketchy, but here's a note: today's newbuild announcement will be a sister ship to this one. Right on its heels in summer 2009 -- a third member of the CostaConcordia family also without a moniker as yet -- will launch.

--by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor