HAL Ship Stalls Off Tampa Coast

December 11, 2006

Shortly after setting sail on Friday, December 8, Holland America's Ryndam ran into an issue that is more common among cars than cruise ships -- it stalled.

The 55,451-ton, 1,258-passenger vessel departed Tampa as scheduled at approximately 7 p.m. "As the ship was starting a fourth engine, the ship experienced a short blackout and loss of propulsion," according to a company statement. "Immediately the ship's emergency power system was engaged, providing vital power and lighting. At no time was the safety or security of the ship or its passengers in jeopardy."

The ship anchored in the channel, full power was restored within 30 minutes and dinner was served. However, to allow officers, U.S. Coast Guard investigators and the ship's class surveyor investigate the incident (and clear the channel for shipping traffic), Ryndam was moved offshore -- and wasn't cleared to continue on until 4:30 a.m. Because of the lost time, a call at San Juan was eliminated from the itinerary; passengers were given $100 shipboard credit as compensation for the missed port.

A spokesman for the line tells us that no work or repairs were necessary other than getting the ship powered back up. Still, staff will continue to monitor systems to make sure nothing seems "off."

--by Melissa Baldwin, Senior Editor