Olympic Explorer Delayed

April 30, 2001
Big disappointment for Royal Olympic Cruises today, which expected its newest ship, the Olympic Explorer, to be delivered from the shipyard. Olympic Explorer, the 25,000-ton, 836-passenger sister-ship to Olympic Voyager, which was launched last year, has, according to the cruise line, "technical difficulties." As a result, May 14th's inaugural – along with voyages scheduled throughout the rest of May and well into June – have been canceled. Cruisers booked on these trips are being notified as we speak – the problems were totally unexpected by Royal Olympic – and are being offered a range of options. They can book a cruise on any of Royal Olympic's other seven ships or rebook on Explorer for a later date. All those who were booked on the canceled trips will receive, in addition, a 50 percent-off discount (brochure rate) on future sailings.