Hurricanes Lane & Helene Gain Power

September 16, 2006

(9:45 p.m.) -- Hurricane Lane, now barreling up the west coast of Mexico toward Cabo San Lucas and the Sea of Cortez, is gaining strength and with winds in the 115 m.p.h. range is now considered a major hurricane. It is anticipated that the storm may make landfall later today and will drop lots of rain, introduce some flooding and cause some mudslides.

While this is not a storm to be trifled with for those folks on land, at this point Hurricane Lane is not affecting cruises to the region for two reasons. One is that many depart from ports of embarkation in Los Angeles and San Diego on the weekends -- so they're not in the area. As well, this time of year in the Mexican Riviera is low-season and there are only a handful of lines, such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean, operating ships there. Carnival and Royal Caribbean have posted no changes this weekend.

Helene, now out in the Atlantic and no danger to land before the middle of next week, is gaining power; she's now, officially, a hurricane. At this point, there's no impact on cruising.

We'll keep you posted on Hurricanes Lane and Helene through the weekend.

--by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor.