Bermuda Bounces Back; Ships Return

September 14, 2006
(1 p.m.) -- With Hurricane Florence now safely past Bermuda, cruise lines -- Royal Caribbean, NCL and Celebrity -- docking in St. George's, Hamilton and King's Wharf have returned to their regularly scheduled calls. Cruisers who arrive should find few restaurants, shops and attractions closed as a result of the storm, although the continuing weather may not be as nice as hoped for.

Here's some other information that's been released:

The Royal Gazette, the leading newspaper in Bermuda reported that on Tuesday, "Passengers from Norwegian Crown, the first ship to make it to the Island after Florence hit, [said] that the journey here had been bumpy."

Also quoted from the Gazette, "Barbara Smith, from Long Island, New York, said she was 'scared to death.' 'That up and down stuff was really bad,' she said. 'I would do it again but I would never go in hurricane season again -- ever.'" Others reported nausea as a result of the rocky seas.

The Cruise Critic message boards have been relatively silent on the issue.

Bermuda's golf courses, including Mid-Ocean Golf Club, have been cleaning debris, but are reopen for business.

All ferry and bus services have resumed operation as of Tuesday.

As of last night, power has been restored to nearly all of Bermuda's customers affected by the storm.

We'll keep you posted as we find out more.

--written by Dan Askin, Editorial Assistant