Crystal Plans Largest-Ever Renovation for Symphony

August 31, 2006

It's deja vu all over again for Crystal Cruises. Two years after treating Symphony to the line's most extensive dry-dock to date, Crystal has announced it will once again treat Symphony to the line's most extensive dry-dock to date ... but this time the bill's much higher (some $23 million vs. $12 million).

The previous dry-dock included the redecoration of penthouse and penthouse suite accommodations. This time around, all 416 staterooms will be transformed to resemble boutique hotel rooms with Murano glass bedside lamps, Rubelli fabrics, leather headboards and 20-inch flat-screen televisions; bathrooms will feature glass oval sinks and granite countertops.

Other updates include:

The Tiffany Deck, the ship's main entertainment area, will be outfitted with fresh color schemes, construction and contemporary lighting.

The Starlite Club will be updated with a dramatic round bar and window walls studded with Swarovski crystals.

Crystal Casino will be treated to a new black and silver color palette; Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em and state-of-the-art slots will also be added.

Boutiques and shops will be completely redesigned; a private area for high-end jewelry will be added to Facets.

The Bistro Cafe is on tap for new tiling and wall finishing, and fresh carpeting.

In addition, dozens of behind-the-scenes improvements are planned, such as all new computer equipment. Computer University@Sea will feature wireless Internet access after the refurbishment.

The 51,044-ton, 960-passenger ship's "new" renovation will begin on October 31 and last two weeks, ending on November 12.

--By Melissa Baldwin, Associate Editor