Strike Update

April 20, 2001
For Delta fliers, there’s good news and bad news. First the good: Delta chairman Leo Mullin announced Sunday that Delta has come to a "tentative" agreement with its pilots' union which means that the airline's threatened strike, which could have occurred as early as next week (since the federally mandated "cooling period" between the two expires April 29), won't happen. It won't happen, that is, if the tentative agreement, which needs to be voted on by members of the pilots' union, is approved but there's little doubt it will be. The bad? For folks who are hoping to fly to cruises on Comair in the immediate future, there’s no relief in site. Delta’s offspring airline has hubs in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, along with Orlando. They’re not only still in strike but also the opposing sides -- management and pilots -- aren’t even talking. An airline source says negotiations may begin again next week.