Carnival Halloween Promotion Sure to Delight, Horrify

August 24, 2006

In time for the yearly spike in sales of fake blood and Nixon masks, Carnival Cruise Lines has announced that it will feature a "Frightfully Fun" Halloween promotion aboard all its ships. Beginning on October 9 and culminating on the most fiendishly terrifying night of the year, the smorgasbord of phantasmagoria will include costume contests and parades, horrifying slasher films, trick or treating for kids between the ages of 1 and 14, and a chance to have your picture taken with embarrassed crewmembers dressed as M&M characters.

The promotion is the result of a partnership between Carnival and Masterfoods, manufacturers of M&M's, Snickers, Skittles and many other foods made primarily of sugar.

"Halloween has always been a festive time aboard Carnival's ships and our new 'Frightfully Fun' promotion goes a step beyond traditional Halloween activities, providing guests of all ages with an exciting and creative way to celebrate this popular holiday, 'Fun Ship'-style," said Bob Dickinson, Carnival president, CEO and honorary goblin.

Originating as a Pagan harvest festival, Halloween has evolved into a marketing gold mine for candy makers, confectioners and people who hand out apples instead of candy.