More Calls in Australia, NZ

April 19, 2001

Mass market cruisers can check-off another formerly “exotic-destination-for-big spenders-only.” Following the value price traveler’s first forays into Asia in the past couple of years, cruise execs at Renaissance, Royal Caribbean and Windstar (which kinda’ falls into the big spender category) are among those who’ve added Australia and New Zealand to itineraries.
Norwegian, for instance (which will also spar cruise ship competition with American Classic Voyages' US Lines and American Hawaii Cruises when it begins the industry's only other regular to/from Hawaii 7-day cruises) is the latest to head to Australia and New Zealand when it launches it’s inaugural Asia-Australia-New Zealand season in December.
Look for the new competition to help prices, which have been fairly reasonable (and bargain hunters can also find deals on airline tickets by searching the web), stay that way.