Accident -- Celebrity's Summit Shore Excursion

August 9, 2006
The Associated Press is reporting that a tour bus containing passengers from Celebrity Cruises' Summit ran off the road in Juneau yesterday, sliding 25 feet down an embankment. Eleven people were injured, most with bumps and bruises, though one person, who suffered chest injuries, has remained hospitalized.

What isn't known is whether the tour, which included 15 passengers and two guides, was organized by Celebrity -- or via independent means. A Celebrity spokeswoman did send a statement that confirmed details in the AP story.

The driver was cited for recklessness, the AP report noted. The bus had reportedly tried to drive around pot holes but got too close to the shoulder of the road. The right tire then went over the embankment.

This occurrence was a lot less tragic than the accident from last spring in which 12 passengers from Celebrity's Millennium died when a tour bus crashed in Chile's Arica. In that case, the passengers were traveling on an independently organized shore outing.