Where in the World is Constellation's April 13 Voyage?

July 24, 2006
Canceled? Diverted? Nobody seems to know what's happened to the April 13, 2007 sailing of Celebrity's Constellation.

Member Tide Pride tipped us off to the mystery on our Celebrity forum -- and he stumbled upon it by chance: "We have reservations for the Constellation sailing out of Fort Lauderdale on April 13, 2007 on their Southern Caribbean route. I was browsing around the Celebrity Web site and thought I would check our reservation (made two months ago) and it said I had no reservations booked. I then checked their schedule for the Constellation in April 2007 and it does not list our cruise but instead shows a [trans-Atlantic] crossing. I called our travel agent and she said that Celebrity has not advised her of this but she would check."

Just like Tide Pride, we searched Celebrity's Web site this afternoon for April 2007's Constellation sailings, but the only result returned today was an 11-night Caribbean cruise setting sail on April 2. No Southern Caribbean departure from Ft. Lauderdale, no trans-Atlantic -- nothing, in fact, until May 5's Northern Europe itinerary.

So what's the real story? A Celebrity spokeswoman tells us they are looking into the situation, but could not immediately supply an answer. In the meantime, we have to assume that the ship will cross the Atlantic at some point for its season abroad. Cruise Critic message board moderator Host Andy, also booked on the April 13 voyage, writes: "I am ready to deal with the likelihood of a cancellation.... What bothers me the most is that nobody at Celebrity has an answer."

If not a technical glitch on the Web site, this wouldn't be the first time Celebrity has initiated a last-minute change in plans unbeknownst to booked guests. In May, when the line was forced to cancel one of Summit's sailings due to propulsion problems, we received this e-mail from a reader:

"When I opened my e-mail around noon on May 10, the first e-mail was from Celebrity with a 'Bon Voyage' message for our May 20 cruise. The second was your weekly e-letter with the second item being the cancellation of the Summit cruise. I immediately called [my travel agent] to see if I could find a replacement May cruise.

"First, they knew nothing of the cancellation and put me on hold and called Celebrity. Sure enough, they said I was right, but they didn't know yet what Celebrity planned to do concerning the passengers on the May 20 cruise. I told them I already knew what Celebrity planned to do as it was a part of your news article...."

We'll keep you posted.