Cruise Critic Members Praise Crown Princess Crew

July 21, 2006
There's been much talk in the media and on Cruise Critic's message boards about what Crown Princess' passengers went through when it suffered an unexpected 15-degree list at sea this past Tuesday. But now we're starting to hear about the ship's 1,200 crewmembers -- and what the experience was like for them.

Cruise Critic member mindykatz, who was onboard, shared this story on our Princess forum: "Let me tell you ... the staff and crew onboard the Crown now have been fantastic. MORE than fantastic. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have such kind and caring people looking after us at this time.

"They had to go through this too, you know ... but they didn't get to call friends and family right away, they didn't get free booze, they didn't get an excellent dinner and free wine, they didn't get anything extra like we did because of this incident. They had to recover ASAP and start cleaning up all the broken glass, broken tables, and spatters of blood all over the floor. They had to make sure everyone was ok. And these people lost money. We got all of our pictures for free -- no commission for the photographers. We don't have to pay for booze so the waiters lose their tips, etc. But there have been no bad moods and no complaints from the crew. These people are amazing, and no less."

"I was on the ship during all this," writes ForEternity, "and I definitely agree, the crew was amazing. Many were just as scared as the passengers. I spoke to several with stories much worse than mine. And they had no time to 'recover' at all. Even some that were injured were still helping immediately. It seemed that every single crew member was called to help in some way. Most of them already work so many hours every day. And many were taking that time to sleep. But they went to work right away to take care of us and to clean. I am so amazed how quickly they cleaned things up. And to have dinner ready to start serving at 6:30 ... personally, I don't think the crew could have been much better!"

Member hillslife says, "We are home now and glad to be past this experience. But under the circumstances, from someone who has been on over 20 cruises and never had anything like this happen, I have nothing but good things to say about Princess, the captain, crew, etc. They stepped up quickly to make this bad situation a distant memory ... the ship is beautiful, the crew is wonderful, friendly, professional, and the cruise was one of the best."

And a final note from Cruise Critic's community manager, LauraS, who wasn't onboard but thinks "Princess steps up to the plate right away ... time after time: I'd sail on Crown Princess this weekend if they'd take me!"