Crown Princess: Wednesday Update

July 19, 2006
(11:30 p.m.) -- Crown Princess, which yesterday suffered a severe list while at sea and was forced to return to port, is still docked at Port Canaveral. Princess confirms that 240 passengers were treated onboard for injuries, such as cuts, abrasions, bruises and fractures. Of these, 94 were transferred to local hospitals for evaluation and treatment.

As of 7 p.m. PST, only two passengers remain in the hospital; Princess' statement notes that both are "expected to make a full recovery."

So far, all but approximately 400 passengers have disembarked the abbreviated cruise, which was canceled yesterday with two sea days remaining before its return to New York's Red Hook. The remaining passengers will disembark tomorrow; Princess says it is assisting them with travel arrangements.

Passengers were given full refunds.

The cause of the sudden list is still being investigated. We'll continue to provide updates as they occur.