Update: Crown Princess Returns To Canaveral

July 18, 2006

(7:25 p.m.) -- Princess Cruises has just released a new statement that offers some additional information about Crown Princess, which suffered a list at sea after departing from Port Canaveral.

The statement: "Initial reports are that a number of passengers did sustain serious injuries. There are also numerous reports of injuries such as cuts, bruises and fractures. We are currently assessing the full extent of passenger injuries, and have returned the ship to Port Canaveral to transfer the more seriously affected passengers to a medical facility ashore.

"We deeply regret this incident, and are doing everything we can to make our passengers as comfortable as possible under these difficult circumstances.

"We are also investigating the cause of the ship's sudden list, which is unknown at this time. We can confirm that the watertight integrity of the ship has not been compromised, and it is safe for passengers to remain onboard while the ship is alongside in Port Canaveral.

"The cruise will be terminated in Port Canaveral, and arrangements are being made to return the passengers home. A full refund will be given to passengers, together with a full reimbursement of any additional expenses.

"We will provide details about the next cruise after we are able to fully evaluate the situation."

We'll keep you posted.