Win a Free Wedding on Celebrity's Infinity!

July 13, 2006
How far would you go to win an absolutely free wedding and honeymoon?

Celebrity Cruises and the Food Network are betting a lot of folks are willing to give up a little privacy for the luxury of a Hawaiian honeymoon cruise on Celebrity's Infinity. And that's exactly what the winners of a joint contest will receive -- in addition to a wedding ceremony on the beach, a fabulous cake and an elegant reception for 80 guests (cruise packages will be available to guests at a discounted rate).

In exchange, the Food Network will also tape your entire wedding for "Food Network Caters Your Hawaiian Wedding," a two-hour special set to air during its "Wedding Weekend" in June 2007.

A new twist in reality programming, the planning will be as much a part of the show as the event itself. Food Network will also throw in a reception menu consultation with television hosts Giada de Laurentiis and Tyler Florence, and will arrange for editors at Brides magazine to offer advice and suggestions.

Time's tight, however: Winners need to be available this August, September and November for interviews and planning (all aspects of planning will be on camera). And they really need to be ready to wed -- the cruise departs Los Angeles on October 22, 2006!

Beyond filling out an application at, contestants must submit a videotape pleading their case -- and that deadline is also right around the corner on Monday, July 24.

The folks at Food Network aren't the only ones to have discovered how wonderful weddings at sea can be -- ocean nuptials are a hot trend. Be sure to check out our Editor's Picks: Best Cruises for Weddings for more information about tying the knot.