Disney Adds Flying Dutchman To Cay

July 7, 2006
Out of the mists of Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Cay, humming otherworldly, floats a barnacled-covered, ragged-masted, rotting apparition, moving purposefully towards a dock-tied Disney Wonder. Through a seeing-glass, aimed squarely on the murky object, the image becomes clearer.

Could it be? It is! By the cask of Bluebeard's body, that's a pirate ship matey! And not just any ship ... a ghost ship.

And just in time -- can you imagine the coincidence -- Disney, in conjunction with today's launch of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," has brought a massive prop from the movie to Castaway Cay, the cruise line's private Bahamian island. The Flying Dutchman is a 175-foot pirate ghost ship commanded by the half-man, half-sea creature, all-ill-meaning, Davey Jones and a moist, homely crew of over 200 lost souls (latest Cruise Critic estimate).

According to Disney's announcements, passengers have an exciting and dangerous opportunity to rent a boat and get a first-hand look at the Flying Dutchman -- but we're not really sure what that means ... exactly ... and calls to the cruise line's P.R. folks yielded a web of voicemail boxes.

Still, the ghost ship is a sight to see. Even if newly built for the flick, it appears as if for hundreds of years it served as a vivacious eco-system at the bottom of the sea for both the living and the undead. And if guests wield a modicum of tasteful pirate vernacular at their disposal, they may be rewarded by a chance encounter with Captain Jack Sparrow, the mysterious recluse and nemesis to the tentacle-bearded Jones.

Tonight, the Walt Disney Theatre in both Disney Magic and Disney Wonder will hold a PremEAR at Sea of the new film. Prior to the showing, passengers of Disney Cruise Line will receive a portion of the booty from a newly unburied treasure chest, including a commemorative button and official pirate tattoo.