Crown Princess Heads to U.S.; Emerald Princess Floats Out

June 1, 2006
It's a big week for Princess Cruises at Fincantieri's Monfalcone shipyard as Crown Princess, now complete, has set off across the Atlantic and Emerald Princess was floated out in its dock, in preparation for work leading up to next year's debut.

The 116,000-ton, 3,100-passenger Crown Princess, now heading across the sea, is scheduled to arrive in New York on June 8; the ship will dock at the city's new Red Hook facility in Brooklyn. Its inaugural ceremony will take place on June 14 and national domestic goddess Martha Stewart has been chosen as the godmother. Crown Princess departs on its maiden voyage on June 23 after a series of introductory cruises.

Meanwhile, Emerald Princess moved into the wet-dock process today with its float out. A two-day process, float out involves slowly letting water into the building dock, which sets the ship afloat. The ship is then pulled by tug boat to the outfitting dock (previously occupied by Crown Princess) where it will undergo final construction and interior outfitting.

That ship, a sister to Crown Princess, will debut next April.