Celebrity Plans Ice Bar on Century

May 1, 2006

Celebrity, currently in the midst of a major overhaul of Century, plans to introduce an ice bar onboard. The bar will be the most unique at sea, featuring a liquid wall that freezes, a bar counter made of ice-cold stone, and a solid block of ice behind the bar in which the line will "creatively display bottles of liquor."

The concept of the Ice Bar is one of the grooviest around and can be found on land in hip cities such as Stockholm, London and Montreal. In those places, patrons actually don space like parkas before entering what literally is a room made of ice. Drinks -- at least at my favorite, the Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm -- are poured into square, hollow cubes.

No one at Celebrity was available to provide more specifics aside from the fact that the bar, which will specialize in martinis, will feature "kinetic lighting," "winter-white walls and polished stainless steel." There's no word on whether the bar will evoke the typical Ice Bar frosty ambience -- or whether or not Celebrity parkas will be provided.

We'll keep you posted.