Celebrity Releases Names of the Dead

March 23, 2006
Here at Cruise Critic, our hearts and prayers are with the families of those Millennium passengers who lost their lives yesterday in a tragic accident while on a shore outing in Chile. Celebrity Cruises this evening has provided the list of those who died:

They were: Carole Ruchelman, 63, of Monroe Township, NJ; Miriam Diamond, 75, of Monroe Township; Linda Greenfield, 63, of Stamford, CT; Ira Greenfield, 67, of Stamford; Marvin Bier, 79, of Monroe Township; Shirley Bier, 76, of Monroe Township; Maria Eggers, 71, of Monroe Township; Hans Eggers, 72, of Monroe Township; Robert Rubin, 72, of Monroe Township; Barbara Rubin, 69, of Monroe Township; Frieda Kovar, 74, of Monroe Township; and Arthur Kovar, 67, of Monroe Township.

The two passengers who were injured -- and who are now in stable condition -- are: Harold Ruchelman, 68, Bernard Diamond, 68; both reside in Monroe Township.