Royal Caribbean's Goldstein Sleeps On Job

March 13, 2006

Or at least he hopes to! Royal Caribbean's Adam Goldstein, in the first cruise line announcement of the Seatrade convention, told an assembled throng at a South Beach club called BED (a restaurant/bar where patrons sit on futon-like beds and chow down on amazingly good food) that the line planned to upgrade its -- yes -- bedding.

According to a presentation by Goldstein, Royal Caribbean's president, who impishly donned a pair of silk pajamas, climbed into a downy bed and waved around a martini, Royal Caribbean, one of the last cruise lines in the industry to embark on a major "bedding program," will introduce:

New bed frames that not only prevent sagging but that, according to Goldstein, will also eliminate the twins-into-queen cruise bed conundrum (which invariably results in a hideous split between the two, typically sometime around 2 a.m.). Get this explanation, from Royal Caribbean's press release: "The cruise line also has created a solution to the dreaded gap that invariably forms when two twin beds are pushed together to form on larger, queen-sized bed. Custom-designed pillow tops are doubled over when placed atop twin beds but are unfolded and laid on top of one another and the mattresses to create a queen-size, gap-free mattress."

There will be nine-inch-thick spring mattresses (a big improvement from the existing six-inch foam variety).

Bathroom towels will go from 27 x 54 inches in area to 30 x 60 and from 17 to 20 pounds.

We'll admit that this one's not much of an increase, quality-wise, but it's a start: the sheets that Royal Caribbean now uses are 200 thread count (and a 55/45 cotton-polyester blend); the new ones will be 220 thread count with a long-staple cotton blend.

Beds on some ships (not specified) will get skirts; all will get decorative pillows and shams -- not to mention duvets with cotton blend covers and two-inch-thick pillow tops between sheets and mattresses.

The new bedding program will debut on Freedom of the Seas, the line's newest ship, scheduled to launch in May, and roll out through the rest of the fleet by May 2007. At some point, the bedding will be available for sale to cruise passengers.