Royal Caribbean, which has, in conjunction with NBC-TV's "The Today Show," been conducting a contest for best "real" godmother, has selected Portland's Katherine Louise Calder. Actually, Calder, a foster mother to some 400 children over the years, was chosen by popular vote -- 171,000 viewers of "Today" weighed in as Royal Caribbean sought a godmother who was an extraordinary "ordinary" woman.

As godmother, Calder will participate in Freedom of the Seas' christening ceremony in New York on May 12 (which will be aired live on "Today"). Over the last 27 years, Calder has been a foster care provider for hundreds of special needs children, as well as an adoption advocate in the Portland area.

Calder was one of three finalists in the competition. All three received a gift of $25,000 to their favorite charity from Royal Caribbean. The winner received the news this morning when a "Today" correspondent showed up at her home at about 5:30 a.m. (8:30 a.m. Eastern) to surprise Calder -- who opened the door with a foster baby in her arms -- with the news.