“New” Steakhouse Option

March 19, 2001

Over at Princess Cruises, home of "we've gotta be first," Dean Brown, the company's sales head, is quoted as saying "once again Princess has created a dining experience that exists nowhere else in the cruise industry."
What's the big innovation? Princess has "cooked up" (sorry, it's their quote) the cruise industry's first outdoor steakhouse. Of course we could split hairs on Brown's comment --Princess is by no means the first line to offer either the first outdoor eatery (that would be Royal Caribbean's Johnny Rocket's on Voyager and Explorer (of the seas, respectively). Nor is it the first specialty "steakhouse" -- all of Renaissance's R-model ships have them, not to mention Royal Caribbean's new Radiance.
So having said that, we'll tell you that Princess' concept, which was tested on Sea Princess, is expanding across the Sun-class fleet; the so-called "Sterling Steakhouse" is now available on the Sea, Dawn, and Ocean; by the end of the month the option will include Sun Princess. There is a service charge.