Shipyard Announces First Reindeer-Powered Cruise Ship

December 23, 2005

In one of the most amusing -- and imaginative -- cruise-related holiday stories we've seen this year, Finland's Aker Finnyards ( is featuring on its Web site today the first-ever reindeer powered cruise ship.

"The new ship ... is of an innovative design," reads a statement from Aker Finnyards, "having unprecedented features. She will start regular operation as Santa's headquarters all over the world and will be capable of crossing the seven seas in incredible time."

Indeed, the proposed ship will be able to move at a maximum speed of 26 reindeer gallops and with an engine output of 94,000 "reindeer" power. Want more specifications? The new vessel would be 102 Christmas trees long and 11 wide, and hold a maximum of 30,246,000 Christmas presents.