Crystal’s New Ship

March 8, 2001
Crystal’s unveiled plans for its long-awaited third ship and like everyone else in the industry, the cruise line is betting that bigger is better. Not that much bigger: but at 1,080 passengers and 68,000 tons, the new ship, unnamed as yet though the word Melody has been thrown around a lot, is slightly larger than the 50,000-ton Symphony’s 940-passenger capacity. New innovations planned include a sushi bar as a third alternative restaurant (existing ships’ boutique eateries are Italian and Asian), a second paddle tennis court and a wine cellar-themed boardroom. Crystal’s going to double the size of its passenger computer facility and expand its spa and fitness facility as well. The under-development vessel will also incorporate spiffed-up versions of Crystal classics, from the Palm Court lounge to the Avenue Saloon to the Caesars Palace at Sea casino. The ship is due for launch in June 2003.