Barcelona & Other Spanish Ports Reopen

October 29, 2005
Crystal Serenity Abandons Barcelona, Heads to Gibraltar

Two days after a strike by Spanish fishermen closed all of its major ports to cruise and cargo traffic, the stalemate was finally settled at sundown on Thursday evening. In Barcelona, Carnival Liberty and Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas, rather quickly began to maneuver themselves into the port after literally waiting outside for up to 12 hours. Brilliance of the Seas immediately began disembarkation (and then re-embarkation) while according to Carnival spokespeople that ship's passengers were simply on a short call there to stock up on supplies.

Hapless passengers on Crystal Serenity, which had finally abandoned any hope of getting into Barcelona on Tuesday, had actually disembarked from their 11-day-turned-13-day cruise in Gibraltar that very same day. After numerous bus rides (between Gibraltar and Malaga) and a charter flight from Malaga to Barcelona, Crystal Serenity passengers ironically arrived in Barcelona just as the strike is ending.

Ultimately, all ships are now moving as normally scheduled.

We'll be writing a more detailed report about the experience for passengers either onboard or waiting to board all three of the impacted ships. Got something to say? Please drop a note about your experience to