Workers Board Sensation, Ecstasy; Holiday on Hold

September 9, 2005

(3 p.m.) -- Sensation and Ecstasy, two of three ships Carnival has chartered to FEMA to aid the relief effort, arrived in New Orleans Sunday evening, and are already being used to house "first respondents" -- police enforcement, and other emergency and city workers -- and their families. More than 2,000 folks have already boarded. Both vessels were docked in Galveston last week before relocating to New Orleans; plans to transfer evacuees from Houston's Astrodome to the ships were met with resistance (most simply had no interest in relocating yet again).

However, the third ship, Holiday, is still docked in Mobile. As we previously reported, the ship won't be staying at that port, but moved to another port along the Gulf Coast. According to a James McIntyre, a spokesman for FEMA, a date has not yet been set for its departure from Mobile.

"We're looking for ports in Mississippi and Louisiana to move [Holiday] into," he tells us. He also tells us that Holiday has remained in Mobile thus far because the possible relocation ports needed to first be inspected for damage to infrastructure. Because Sensation and Ecstasy are already safely in New Orleans, it seems most likely that Holiday be sent to Gulfport; last week, a spokeswoman for FEMA confirmed that all three Carnival ships would eventually end up in New Orleans or Gulfport.

Once a port is identified and Holiday is relocated, the ship, like Sensation and Ecstasy, will be used as housing for "first respondents" and their families.