Fuel Surcharges Added to Air/Sea Fares

February 28, 2001
Heard the rumor that Carnival’s becoming the first cruise line to add a fuel surcharge to passenger fares? True and false. Actually, the charge has nothing at all do with the cruise fare, says Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer De La Cruz and only impacts those travelers who buy their air through the cruise line. “Until late last year we were able to work with the airlines to keep our contracted fares with them at the same levels and not be subject to the added fuel surcharge,” De La Cruz says. “The line is adding a fuel surcharge but only to air/sea packages and only to the airline portion of the ticket price. Understand that it isn't "Carnival" that is now charging air/sea passengers an additional $20. It is the airlines who have notified us they are now going to impose the fuel surcharge on our passengers booked through the air/sea program.” You can expect other cruise lines to shortly follow Carnival’s lead. Cruise-only folks, who buy their own airline tickets through other channels, have already been paying the surcharge since airlines began levying one last year.