Celebrity Swaps Two Ships in 2006

September 1, 2005
Celebrity has announced that Millennium and Infinity will be "trading spaces" during the tail end of 2005 and the first quarter of 2006 to accommodate both ships' dry dock schedules without affecting guests' vacations.

In a press release, the line says that dry dock availability for Infinity changed after deployment plans were already in place. Rather than cancel cruises or change scheduled sailings, Millennium will take over for sister ship Infinity for the 2006 South America cruise season while Infinity replaces Millennium in the Caribbean.

Millennium will dry-dock this November after returning from Europe; Infinity will enter dry dock in the Caribbean in March of 2006. All itineraries in both the Caribbean and South America remain untouched.

Because the 91,000-ton, 1,950-passenger Millennium-class vessels are nearly identical (Infinity launched just one year after Millennium), the transition should be seamless for travelers on either. Booking numbers -- and even stateroom assignments -- will stay the same, and both ships offer exactly the same amenities and areas, save for design and color scheme.

The company has set up two toll-free lines for customers with questions about affected sailings. For group bookings, call 888-305-4549; for individual bookings, call 888-837-5676.