Ships May Shelter Katrina Victims

August 31, 2005
Carnival reports that the federal government has asked the line to consider the viability of using its ships as floating shelters for Hurricane Katrina victims. Carnival said in a statement, "Although to undertake such an endeavor would involve many complicated issues, we are actively taking a look at it." There is no word yet on which of Carnival's 21 ships might be used, if any.

NCL is also looking at options for helping with disaster relief, including monetary donations and fundraising drives. "If it is feasible, the company will look at moving ships to accommodate relief workers," the line said in a statement. There are no NCL ships in the area at this time.

Both Carnival and NCL expressed sympathy and concern for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and affirmed that they are working with local authorities to lend whatever assistance is deemed necessary.

We'll keep you posted.