It Could Be September: Tropical Storm Cindy

July 5, 2005
(Updated: 2:11 p.m.) -- In what's already been an early start to hurricane season in the Atlantic/Caribbean basin, named storm number two -- Tropical Storm Cindy -- is moving toward the Louisiana coast, with landfall expected in less than 24 hours (by tomorrow morning). The storm, with sustained winds of approximately 60 miles per hour at this point, is not expected to pick up too much more steam.

New Orleans, which at this point only sees minimal embarkation activity during the week, could be impacted (but probably won't be). At this point, Cindy's primary affect is to throw a small wrench into ships sailing Western Caribbean itineraries. So far, Carnival's the only line to report in. Ships like Carnival Victory, Glory and Triumph are experiencing slight itinerary adjustments (swapping days or gaining an unexpected sea day). We'll keep you posted on any other changes.

More ominous, weather predictors are saying, is the formation of another storm in the Atlantic: Dennis is expected to reach hurricane strength. It's currently well out to sea -- at about the latitude of San Juan -- and forecasters say it could affect south Florida this weekend. But it's early yet, and anything can change at this point.

We'll continue to follow both storms. Check back with Cruise Critic's news for any changes in cruise-related travel.