Computer Glitch Stalls Glory’s St. Thomas Visit

June 20, 2005

Carnival Glory was barred -- temporarily -- last week from docking in St. Thomas by the U.S. Coast Guard because its security clearance document had not arrived. The ship, slated to dock at St. Thomas' Havensight pier, was required to head back out to sea until it was determined that a computer glitch in an automated system that routinely submits required clearance documents caused the problem.

Carnival Victory, headed to San Juan, was impacted on a lesser scale (Carnival was alerted to the problem before it headed in to port and was able to send its document).

All ships calling at U.S. ports are required to notify the U.S. Coast Guard of their scheduled arrival, as well as provide information such as names of passengers and crew members along with the ship's last five ports of call.

In Glory's case, the ship was ultimately able to dock and the captain extended the port call to 10 p.m. Havensight officials asked store owners to stay open late.

Carnival will pay a $32,500 fine for the violation, according to U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Eric Willis.

Carnival Glory is not the first ship -- this year -- to be turned away from St. Thomas. In March, Celebrity's Century was also refused entry because of missing paperwork. Willis says that the ship ultimately just sailed away –- and missed the port on that voyage.