Norwegian Dawn Captain Cleared of Responsibility

June 3, 2005

NCL Offers Dawn Update
NCL Provides More Details on Dawn Damage
Norwegian Dawn Arrives Safely in Manhattan
Freak Wave Bashes Norwegian Dawn; Delays Return

The Bahamas Maritime Authority has released a statement affirming that the captain of Norwegian Dawn "took appropriate action to reduce the effects of the weather on the ship" when it ran into a severe storm in April, and was struck -- and damaged -- by a freak 70-ft. wave.

According to the statement, the captain implemented what's called the Severe Weather Contingency Plan prior to the impending weather, alerting crew and passengers to the severity of the storm, and notifying NCL that the ship's arrival in New York would be delayed. The report also states that the captain took proper precautions including reducing speed, altering course and initializing the ship's stabilizers, and kept crew, passengers and on-shore officials informed of the ship's progress approximately every four hours.

What about the Donald Trump connection (a call had been canceled on that same voyage to allow extra time to return to New York for a taping of "The Apprentice")? According to the Bahamas Maritime Authority's statement, "there is no evidence that any real or perceived urgency to arrive at New York earlier was a factor in the handling of the ship … the captain's actions have been found to be prudent and appropriate throughout."

The Bahamas Maritime Authority investigates all marine incidents and accidents involving ships registered to the Bahamas.