NCL Provides More Details on Dawn Damage

April 20, 2005

In a statement, Star Cruises (NCL's Malaysia-based parent company) provides the following details on the damage to Norwegian Dawn, which was battered this weekend by a 70-ft. rogue wave (though, oddly, no info on repairs is offered):

"Despite being hit by a freak wave more than 20 metres high, the
Norwegian Dawn has suffered damage only to a small forward area of her
superstructure and not at all to the watertight hull structure. The
design and strength of the ship, as Star and Norwegian Cruise Line
("NCL") were already aware, are well above the normal standard and the
evidence this past weekend is that this model of ship is able to
withstand without damage the most severe wind and wave conditions likely
to be encountered by a modern cruise ship.

"The damage that did occur was mainly confined to the forward areas of
two passenger decks on Decks 9 and 10. The windows of two forward facing
cabins on each of these two decks were broken by the force of the wave.
Subsequently a large volume of water flooded into these two cabins and
spread out to neighboring cabins from there. In total, 62 cabins were
affected by this volume of water spreading out from the breached cabins.
Four passengers in total were injured, with cuts from broken glass being
the major injury. All were treated immediately at the ship's onboard
hospital and were quickly released again. A little over a third of
passengers from the flooded cabins chose to terminate their cruise in
Charleston, South Carolina where the ship docked for emergency repairs
to the broken windows. Roughly 90 percent of all passengers chose to
stay with the ship and sail back to New York.

"Other minor structural damage: a frame underneath the spare anchor that
lies on the foredeck, in front of passenger areas, has been bent by the
force of this spare anchor (carried on deck) hitting the flat deck
during the heavy seas.

"The number one priority at all times was the safety of the passengers,
crew and ship, and the integrity of the vessel was not, at any time, in
any way compromised or in danger."