Crystal Harmony Passenger Survives Overboard Tumble

February 24, 2005
In a rare positive ending to an occurrence that usually results in death, a passenger on Crystal Harmony was rescued after falling overboard.

According to a company statement, galley workers noticed someone fall past them at 6:10 a.m. yesterday morning as the ship was just south of Ensenada and on its way to San Diego. They advised the bridge and threw out a life ring. Officers on the bridge tossed out a smoke pot to mark the spot, notified authorities and performed a quick maneuver back toward the place where the passenger was spotted. He was alive and conscious, and brought back to the ship by tender where he was treated at Crystal Harmony's medical facilities.

The statement says the passenger was traveling alone but it is not know how he fell. The man disembarked in San Diego and was taken to a hospital for observation. The Coast Guard is investigating.