Explorer Recovers After Run-In With Destructive Wave

February 9, 2005
Semester at Sea's MV Explorer, which ran into some rough weather several weeks ago that included a rogue wave that damaged the bridge is now docked in Honolulu and undergoing repairs. According to Semester at Sea spokesman Paul Watson, work on the ship's electrical equipment should be finished within the next couple of days, after which Explorer will head to Vietnam to resume its previously scheduled voyage.

As a result of the damage caused by rough seas, passengers -- which in this case means students, teachers and chaperones who are participating in the University of Pittsburgh's Semester at Sea program -- disembarked in Honolulu. There they conducted field studies and visited local points of interest. Tonight they will fly, instead of cruise, to their next scheduled stops in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The following week they will head to Vietnam by air. At that point, the cruise portion will resume and they'll re-embark on Explorer.

As we previously reported, the Explorer was sailing from Vancouver en route to Korea when it encountered stormy seas on January 26. A large wave shattered the window over the bridge and caused minor injuries to two crew members. Students were brought out of their cabins to sit in open areas where they couldn't be harmed by moving furniture. In a "traditional emergency procedure," Watson explained, at least some of those onboard were separated so that women and children could be the first onto lifeboats if evacuation should be necessary. It was not, and the ship proceeded safely to Honolulu.