RSSC's Navigator Experiences Minor Onboard Fire

January 17, 2005

Radisson Seven Seas Cruises' Seven Seas Navigator, en route from Grand Turk to Ft. Lauderdale's Port Everglades early this morning, experienced a minor electrical fire in its generator room. According to a company statement, the fire was brought quickly under control, though it did cause a temporary blackout onboard. Passengers were on the receiving end of a rather abrupt 1 a.m. wake-up call and required to report to indoor muster stations.

The company reports that no injuries were sustained by crew or passengers. The ship is now cruising, at 15 knots (usual cruising speed is 18 knots) and on its own power, toward the cruise's end at Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow. "Damage was pretty minor," says RSSC's Andrew Poulton. "There were no injuries and there was never a safety issue." Poulton says that the only impact felt onboard is that "the ventilation system is fine but the air conditioning is not at full strength. It's just as well we're having a nice cool evening here in Florida."

The biggest inconvenience for passengers is that the ship, sailing more slowly than usual, will arrive at Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow some 10 hours later than scheduled. As a result, passengers currently onboard are invited to spend the night on Navigator on Tuesday and then depart on Wednesday. Full-fare-paying passengers will receive $1,000 in future cruise credits.

Technicians from Europe are already on their way to Ft. Lauderdale and will board the ship there to determine the cause of the fire and to make repairs.

As such, Navigator's January 18 Caribbean cruise, a seven-night trip originally slated to depart tomorrow, has been cancelled. As compensation, RSSC is permitting those passengers to book any available seven-night Caribbean voyage "at the rate they paid for the cancelled cruise" -- or they can opt for a full refund.

Poulton anticipates that repairs will be completed in enough time to ensure that Navigator sails on its next scheduled voyage: a seven-night Caribbean swing that departs on January 25.