Carnival's Holiday Survives Fender Bender

December 2, 2004

Carnival's Holiday made a memorable first impression on its new homeport in Mobile. The ship, which began sailing from that Gulf Coast city only six weeks ago, recently survived a moderate confrontation with a barge loading facility. As a result, Holiday suffered a dent and some damage to its propeller blades. The operation of the vessel was not affected -- and passengers onboard at the time were barely, if at all, aware of the accident.

A Carnival spokeswoman explains that "when Holiday docks at Mobile, it enters the channel, sails past the terminal, turns around and then docks. It was during the turning maneuver that the problem occurred."

At that point, she adds, Holiday's turning maneuver was impacted by a strong current and a simultaneous loss of power in its port-side engine. This disabled Holiday's bow thrusters and caused the ship to drift into some pilings. A tug was assisting the ship at the time but did not have enough power to prevent the collision.

Repairs to the ship have already been concluded with no loss of sailing time -- the dent was painted over and divers worked to smooth out the propeller blades. There was minimal damage to the barge loader itself and Carnival is working with Mobile to facilitate repairs.