Bank Seizes Society Expeditions' World Discoverer

June 23, 2004

Society Expeditions, the Seattle-based one-ship discovery-oriented cruise line, has ceased operations. At least temporarily. That's because mortgage holders on the 6,000-ton, 172-passenger World Discoverer have seized the ship. The company, which has issued a statement on its web site, attributes its financial duress thusly: "The general problematic situation in the travel industry has led to below budget numbers on this year's summer and fall voyages."

No one from the company was available for comment other than to say, in the statement, "We are doing our best to find an immediate solution to remedy this interruption and until then we kindly ask for your patience." The statement did not include information for passengers who had already paid for -- but had not yet taken -- impacted cruises.

The move was effective as of Friday, June 18, at the conclusion of an Alaska voyage. Passengers slated to sail on the ship’s next trip -- which was to begin in Nome on that same day -- were sent home.