Crystal Intros Low-Carb Options

May 14, 2004

Crystal Cruises -- as we reported last month -- has made good on its pledge to roll-out this month new main dining menus that feature low-carb options. (Read Trendwatch: Cruise Lines Rapidly Adopting Low-Carb for more on low-carb cruising.)

The menus are available on all its ships -- Crystal Harmony, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. And, as we wrote last month, Crystal has included low-carb dishes at its elegant specialty restaurants -- Prego, Silk Road, Kyoto and Jade Garden.

What's new about Crystal's announcement -- beyond the fact that the menus are now (or very soon will be) available -- is that the line is also expanding its low-carb commitment to its more casual eateries. It will also offer low-carb items at venues such as Scoops Ice Cream Bar, Palm Court for afternoon tea, and the poolside Trident Bar & Grill.