Queen Mary 2 Staffers Discover Stowaway

May 4, 2004
Cunard Line is reporting today that a stowaway was discovered aboard Queen Mary 2 as the ship made her much publicized in-tandem Atlantic crossing with Queen Elizabeth 2 (both ships have completed that voyage).

The stowaway, however, did not come in the "usual" form. An adolescent tern -- not yet bearing its adult plumage -- made itself at home on the verandah of Pamela Conover, Cunard's president, while the ship was about 485 miles east of Newfoundland. She duly reported the visitor to the "authorities" (in this case Queen Mary 2's chief medical officer); Dr. Martin Carroll, under the supervision of Commodore R.W. Warwick, examined the bird and found it quite healthy.

The tern enjoyed a lavish cruise experience -- at least for a few days -- as it supped on a diet of smoked salmon and caviar. Alas, all vacations do come to an end and, in this case, the tern was released just prior to arriving in Southampton.