Queen Mary 2 Revises Todd English Policies

March 8, 2004
Queen Mary 2, which continues to experience shakedown-related onboard issues following its January 12 maiden voyage, has announced that its Todd English alternative restaurant will now charge a per person service fee. The move, which means that passengers now will pay $20 per person for lunch and $30 per person for dinner, was a response to the overwhelming success of the Boston restaurateur’s first at-sea eatery.

"The change started Saturday (March 6) and was very necessary," reports a Cruise Critic correspondent, who was onboard during Queen Mary 2’s recent trip to and from Rio de Janeiro. "There was a real riot in Rio over trying to book tables and it came to blows."

The change, he says, eliminated the uber-demand issues but the fact is that some folks on his voyage "never got in for dinner and had to settle lunch or nothing."

Queen Mary 2’s onboard operations have struggled since its launch due to what several Cruise Critic reviewers -- who sailed on different voyages -- attribute to "lack of staff training and service." In particular, the dining venue Britannia, the main restaurant, has been cited for poor, slow service (as has room service operations).

The new fees for Todd English have so far not elicited much reaction. A Cunard spokeswoman says that "at this time we are not going to limit it [Todd English] to one visit per guest, though if the demand is extremely high that may change."