Pride of America Floats Again

February 16, 2004
Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America has been refloated and moved to dry dock at Lloyd Werft shipyard in Germany.

The ship, which in January took on water during a severe storm, had been resting on a sea bed in 11 meters of water, listing at about 15 degrees. A company specializing in salvage operations began Friday morning to pump out some 40,000 – 50,000 tons of water.

The 81,000-ton, 2,100-passenger Pride of America, slated pre-flooding to launch in late April, has been delayed indefinitely – and now, at drydock, actual damage assessment can begin. Complicating the repair process, somewhat, is the fact that shipyard Lloyd Werft has filed bankruptcy as a result of payment issues from NCL that revolve around the ship's flooding.

Earlier, NCL had issued a statement saying it "is moving forward with its plans to complete the U.S.-flagged, U.S.-crewed Pride of America notwithstanding the shipyard's financial restructuring. The ship is heavily insured under a policy to cover the damage from last month's shipyard accident."