Serenade of the Seas Experiences Jarring List

January 26, 2004

Passengers onboard Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas Friday night were jolted somewhat as the ship experienced an abrupt "list" (13.5 degrees to the port side). The incident, which occurred at 6:15 p.m. -- as the ship was sailing some 23 miles south of St. Maarten on its way to San Juan -- took place, according to an RCI spokesman, during a test of the ship's steering system and lasted about 20 seconds.

Of the 2,313 passengers onboard on Serenade of the Seas' final leg of a seven-night Caribbean cruise, 20 reported minor injuries (with the most serious being a broken finger); the company picked up the tab for medical attention. Otherwise, damage was limited to lots of smashed china and liquor bottles.

The spokesman says that "the company is investigating the cause of the list in coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard."