Royal Olympic Troubles Continue to Mount

January 9, 2004
There's more bad news for Pireaus-based Royal Olympic Cruise Lines today as its Olympia Countess has been seized (for financial reasons) in Durban, South Africa. That's following the late 2003 detaining of its two newest vessels, Olympia Voyager and Olympia Explorer; the holding companies that own those ships have since filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and have canceled several voyages.
And a third Royal Olympic ship has also made news; Triton, sailing a New Year's voyage in the Mediterranean, was forced to bypass Athens as a port of call because authorities there said they would detain that vessel. Passengers were disembarked, mid-cruise, onto a cruise ferry.
At this point, the cruise line, which had canceled the December 22 and January 5 sailings of Olympia Explorer, has also canceled the January 2 cruise for Olympia Voyager. The Olympia Explorer is being held in Los Angeles, for the time being, and Olympia Explorer is docked at Port Everglades.
No further cruises have officially been canceled at this time. We'll continue to keep you posted.